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Dear Readers, I know you come here for KitchenAid Electric Kettles after searching different-different websites but even then, you are confused about which one is the best KitchenAid electric kettle.


Before reading this post, I want to ask you one simple question….

# Why did you choose KitchenAid Electric Kettle whereas many other kettles on the market?

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In my words the answer is,

The KitchenAid Electric Kettle is simple to use and offers a stylish compact footprint for your countertop.

So, don’t worry. Here I am for you.

Below, I discussed in detail KitchenAid kettles and categorized these electric kettles on the basis of their uses.

I researched various sources and read many reviews, and after that, I wrote this post. So, Before buying any kettle, please read the full post and then decide which one is best for you.

Which type of Electric Kettle we will read in this post?

Kitchenaid Electric Tea Kettles, Water Kettles, Gooseneck Kettles, and Variable Temperature Kettles

So, let’s get started…………

Best Kitchenaid Electric Tea and Water Kettles

Dear Friends, Below we discussed 5+ Kitchenaid Electric Tea and Water Kettles.

All look good, are easy to boil water, quicker than a stovetop kettle. If you don’t use microwaves but can’t imagine a microwave being any faster. I am feeling great to tell you that you can actually leave it on the counter.

Here you can choose from a variety of colors for the one that perfectly matches your taste or personality.

#1 KitchenAid KEK1222PT 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle


KitchenAid KEK1222PT is a little expensive. If you decided to change your apartment, then it is a gift for your first apartment and it’s perfect also.

Nice and light to lift. Before making up your mind to buy this, I told you that it’s a little small which would not work for a large family.

It’s perfect for young couples.

Some Product Details

Capacity1.25 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
Voltage110 Volts
Wattage1500 watts


  • Heat output
  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • Temperature Control
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money


  •  Some plastic parts are inside and touching the boiling water.

#2 KitchenAid Stainless Steel Whistling Tea or Water kettle, 1.9 Quart – Brushed Stainless Steel


What a beautiful tea kettle. Completely made from stainless steel. It feels strong and durable in your hands.

It’s pretty straightforward in its working.

You can easily add water, boil it, and then pour it. When the water is boiled, you will want a towel or something, as the handle will be hot, so there is no way around it unless you burn yourself.

The instructions note that the slots around the lid are designed for it to whistle once it reaches boiling and the steam blows through.

It’s quite expensive, but the materials show. In the spout there is a ball, I think, that I think helps to filter if you have something other than water for your tea and also controls the flow of the water.

I am overall very pleased with this as it will last years to come.

Some Product Details

ColorBrushed Stainless Steel
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity1.9 Quarts


  • Built for enjoyment
  • Rapidly boil water
  • A modern touch
  • Dishwasher safe for super easy cleanup
  • Clean as a whistle


  • Sometimes steams come through the lid.

#3 KitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band – Cameo Blue


There’s something very comforting in the phrase, “I’ll put the kettle on.” So why don’t you do just that for some tea, soup, or hot cereal?

2.0-Quart KitchenAid cool, contemporary, and colorful porcelain enamel kettles add flair to heating up water and look great on any stovetop.

Quickly prepare and serve seasonal drinks, delicious soups, or hot cereals in style using this well-crafted porcelain enamel kettle with an attractive handle.

If we talk about its feature then below I mention all of the features

Some Product Details

ColorMulti Colors
MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight3 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH7.83 x 8.27 x 7.83 inches
Capacity2 Quarts


  • A removable lid makes filling and cleaning easy
  • Thumb-press spout makes pouring easy- simply tip, open, and pour in a single motion
  • C -style handle is sturdy and easy to grip
  • Vibrant porcelain exterior
  • Clear, audible whistle
  • Attractive stainless steel trip band


  • No cons but sometimes it’s going rusty when used long-time.

# 4 KitchenAid 1.5L Queen of Hearts Kettle KEK1565QHSD, Passion Red


If you want to add an iconic style to your kitchen with this unique, limited-edition KitchenAid Kettle, featuring a modern, passion-inspired color, unique 100-year celebratory features, and 1.5 L capacity.

Then this is best for you.

“If you love electric kettles with temperature controls then check this post:- Best Temperature Control Kettles Forever

Its Passion red embodies the energy, strength, and passion to create possibility in the kitchen.

It is built with Dual-wall insulation that keeps the inside hot and exterior temperature lower, helping you to easily move your kettle from the countertop to the tabletop.

It comes with a 1.5-liter capacity to boil water for multiple servings of tea, coffee, cereals, and more. All-metal stainless steel interior to maintain water quality and it is easy to pour, the push-button lid opens with a single touch.

Some Product Details

ColorPassion Red
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic
Special FeatureManual
Capacity1.5 Liters
Product Dimensions6.03″D x 8.5″W x 10.2″H


  • Dual wall insulation keeps the inside hot and the exterior temperature lower.
  • 1.5-liter capacity to boil water for multiple servings of tea, coffee, cereals, and more.
  • All-metal stainless steel interior to maintain water quality.
  • Easy to pour, the push-button lid opens with a single touch.


  • No cons, but sometimes water boils slowly.

#5 KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle – Candy Apple Red Pro Line Electric Kettle

KitchenAid KEK1522CA Electric Kettle is a thing of beauty! You can set your temp range and view the internal water temp.

To reach a full boil it takes about 1-4 minutes depending on the starting water temp. The manual lets you know what temp settings to pick for different things. It holds a maximum of 1.5 liters of water.

There are a few things it’s missing that could make it better:

👉1) There is no timer or delay-start option. For as much as this thing costs, this is a standard feature.

👉2) You can’t set an exact temperature. This isn’t a big deal for me, but it’s something to consider if this is a factor for your purchase.

👉3) It doesn’t keep the water hot for an extended period of time. Once that heat cycle is finished, the water will eventually cool down so you’ll have to reheat after a half hour or so.

👉4) It’s hard to clean the inside. Don’t put anything but water in the kettle, and if you have hard water or mineral problems, you might want to use bottled water for it instead.

👉5) The main temp settings are in Celsius. I get that the rest of the world is metric, but this is America, dammit. It wouldn’t be so bad if the Fahrenheit settings weren’t only available on the internal water thermometer.

Plus they are an EXTREMELY small font, so if you have bad eyes, keep your glasses handy!

Other than that, it works like a dream. I love this thing so much! With a good French Press, it will make you an amazing cup of coffee.

You can also use it for quick ramen and a cup of noodles and tea. It’s so much easier and faster than waiting for water to boil on the stovetop.

I researched all of the above concerns before I wrote its review.

Some Product Details

ColorMulti Colors
MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight2.66 Pounds


  • Removable Lid
  • Levered Spout With Silicone Grip
  • Polished Stainless Steel Full Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Vibrantly Colored Porcelain Exterior
  • Attractive Trim Band


  • The whistle may be weak.
  • No other cons.

#6 KitchenAid KTEN20SBER 2.0-Quart Kettle with Full Stainless Steel Handle and Trim Band – Empire Red


After reading some of the reviews I was hesitant to review this teapot. I figured it deeply and after reading many reviews I came to the conclusion that this is a great teapot.

I have no complaints at all; no melting and the handle has never been too hot to touch. If you drink tea every day and also make oatmeal, then you can use it.

Some Product Details

ColorEmpire Red
MaterialStainless Steel
Item Weight2.66 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH7.95 x 9.06 x 7.95 inches
Capacity2 Quarts


  • A removable Lid makes filling and cleaning easy.
  • Polished Stainless Steel Thumb-Press Spout.
  • The sturdy, yet comfortable, handle makes serving easy.
  • The stainless steel trim band.
  • Clear, audible whistle.


  • The whistle sound is weak.

Final Words

So, Friends, I hope you check all of these KitchenAid Electric Kettles reviews and understood very well, which is best for you.

KitchenAid is a little bit expensive brand in this Electric Kettle Industry.

Even now, all of these reviews, you have any queries and suggestions for us, then please comment below for better reviews.

Thanks for Reading…

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