Frigidaire Electric Oven not Heating – Step-by-Step Troubleshooting

Hi guys, If you have a Frigidaire Electric Oven and there is a problem with the Frigidaire Electric Oven not Heating, then don’t worry. In this post, I’m going to tell you how to troubleshoot a Frigidaire Stove Oven so that the oven doesn’t heat up.

Well, normally the oven should start heating up when you press the bake function and hit start to set your temperature. As we have shown in the photo below.

frigidaire electric oven front control panel

You can see by the little red line that indicates the assist element and the fan inside the oven as well as the bake element. In fifteen or twenty minutes it should reach 350 and be preheated.

But what happens if it never heats up?

Troubleshooting of Frigidaire Electric Oven Step by Step

If your Frigidaire oven isn’t heating up properly, our guide can help you figure out exactly what to do.

When an oven stops heating, there can be several reasons, troubleshooting which can fix your oven. Follow our step-by-step instructions to find and fix the reason why your oven is not heating.

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Common Causes For A Frigidaire Oven Not Heating

  • The thermal Fuse Is Burned Out
  • Check Double Pull Breaker
  • Check Terminal Block and Its Voltage
  • Check the Voltage behind the Stove
  • Test the Bake Element for Resistance
  • Change the Control Board

1. The Thermal Fuse Is Burned Out

The first step when your Frigidaire oven is not heating properly is to make sure that your Frigidaire oven’s thermal fuse is working properly.

Because the thermal fuse is there in your oven to monitor the temperature and shut it down if it overheats. If the thermal fuse registers the wrong temperature, your Frigidaire Electric Oven may not be heating properly.

To check a thermal fuse:

  • First of all, make sure that the electricity and gas are switched off.
  • Now locate the thermal fuse.
  • Once found, disconnect it and then test it with a multimeter.
  • If the thermal fuse fails the continuity test, replace it. If it passes the test, go to step 2.
  • If you installed a new thermal fuse, turn on your oven to make sure it is now heating properly. If it still doesn’t heat up, go to Step 2.

2. Check Double Pole Breaker

The second step in the troubleshooting process is to find the double pole breaker that controls the oven.

Check Double Pull Breaker for Frigidaire Electric Oven

Even if it doesn’t look tripped or anything like that go ahead and turn it off and then turn it back on and then test the Frigidaire Electric Oven one more time to see if it heats up.

If the Frigidaire Electric Oven doesn’t heat up we will try the next step.

3. Check Terminal Block and It’s Voltage

Okay, so we’re looking at the terminal block on the back of the stove where the power cord hooks up to it. First, you unplugged the power cord from the wall.

unpluged frigidaire oven power cord

but what I’m going to tell you?

If you’re only getting 120 volts, so if half the breaker is tripped the Control Board will fire up and will act like it has the correct power even if it doesn’t. So right now you need to just go to put 120 volts to the left side of the terminal block now you’re going to test the stove.

All right, so now that you need a test cord hooked up to the terminal block on the back of the stove. Look at the picture of how to hook up the power cord.

terminal block of oven
hook up the power cord back of the frigidaire oven

You can go ahead and plug this into the power board.

plug the power cord to the wall

If you can see that the control comes on and is acting like it has the correct power.

Now the oven obviously isn’t going to get hot because we don’t have 240 volts. So it’s important to turn the breaker off and turn it back on as it could potentially trip, as that could probably indicate a weak breaker or something like that, so be sure you test that first.

This is the easiest step.

Ok, so now when you reset the breaker and you test the Frigidaire Electric Oven still does not heat up.

Now you have to check the voltage behind the stove to make sure you are getting 240 volts. If you don’t get 240 volts, either a bad breaker or a bad cord.

4. Check the Voltage behind the Stove

The next step is going to be a verification – we have 240 volts. Now plug the power cord in, and you’ve got to be careful not to touch anything.

You have to set your multimeter volt ac and you have to test on the first and third outer terminals. As shown in the photo. Here you should get 240 volts.

240 voltage checking with multimeter behind the frigidaire electric oven

You should now get 120 volts each on terminals 1 and 2, 2 and 3, and these are correct readings. If you don’t get these readings, you may have a bad cord or bad breaker.

voltage checking with multimeter behind the frigidaire electric oven
120 voltage checking with multimeter behind the frigidaire electric oven

You will need to troubleshoot this. But if you have proper voltage here then we will check the next step.

5. Test the Bake Element for Resistance

Let’s go ahead and test the bake element for resistance.

Now you have to remove the orange wire from the bake element and also the yellow wire as shown in the photo.

remove orange and yellow wire from frigidaire electric oven

You have to set your meter to ohms and test across the two terminals and see what kind of resistance you get.

If you get a resistance of around 16 ohms or thereabouts then it is a good baked element.

checking bake element resistance

If no reading is shown, then the baking element that way is bad and you need to replace it.

Check your oven, whether it is heating or not. Even if the Frigidaire Electric Oven is not heating then go to the next step.

6. Change the Control Board

Now if you are getting this reading and you have the correct voltage and the oven is not heating You have a bad control board.

If you are an expert in repairing then you can diagnose the control board. Otherwise, you can buy a new control board and change it.

Final Words

I hope you can get a proper solution on how to troubleshoot when the frigidaire electric oven is not heating. We have told you the proper troubleshooting process step by step.

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